January 2, 2019

You sort it


Things go wrong. Nobody purposefully designs it that way but it happens, and everyone accepts the possibility and, in most cases, the reality. The question then isn’t whether to put things right. It’s how you do it? Make it easy and your relationship has a chance of getting stronger. Make it hard, and unravelling the mess is a stepping stone to unravelling the relationship for good.

Making it easy is relatively straightforward and always starts with taking responsibility – if not for the problem, then absolutely for the solution. Leave it with me, I’ll sort it. And then you do whatever it takes, and you sort it.

Making it hard is equally obvious. Deny the problem, stress it’s their fault, make the solution as multi-stepped and arduous as possible, make them take each step on their own. Never say sorry. Never check in.

Skippy strategy: When things go wrong, make it easy.