July 16, 2021

You’ll moan


You don’t like it. This thing, this thing you’re moaning about, this thing you keep moaning about. You don’t like it at all. Next time you all get together, you’ll moan about it again. Just like you did last time.

If you want to do anything other than moan, you have three choices.

Get over it, suck it up, and start putting positive energy into the equation so at least you can feel good about your contribution. And hey!, it might get better on its own.

Name the problem to the people who have an influence over the problem (rather than moaning to everyone who doesn’t). Sometimes, maybe even most times, pointing things out to someone is the first time they’ve heard there’s a problem, and they’ll solve it for you.

Deal with it. Actually take action. Make the difference.

Skippy strategy: Moaning isn’t the answer, so pick a real one.