March 21, 2023

Your choice

Yep. It’s tough sometimes.

The bad days roll one into another. Nothing comes off and the whole world might just be conspiring. The people you’re working with, kinda don’t work. The customers you’re working for, kinda don’t care. The shareholders, the partners, the suppliers, the … everyone … aaarrghh!

If you’re lucky, you can unload to some supportive ear. Rail at the world. Moan about lack of follow through, inconsistencies, decisions left unmade, moving goal posts and voices off.

But through it all … remember it’s your choice.

You put yourself in this position. You took the decisions that placed you at the intersection. And you can just as easily take yourself away. Turn about. Whistle. Walk the other way.

It’s your choice.

And even though it’s tough sometimes, deep inside … would you have it any other way?

Maybe today. Yes. Understood.

But in the round?

Skippy strategy: We’re lucky to have it tough.