April 26, 2021

Your tune

Empire State

Sometimes, you have to listen to the mood more than the music. Because of your position, because of the authority that comes with it, the music is likely to be playing your tune. It’s likely that the people around you, over whom you have more than influence, will do what they can to do what you want – no matter what they think. And if you stop a minute and ask them what they think, most times they’ll Pollyanna, do what they can to find the bright side, find the best possible way to agree with you without maybe actually agreeing with you.

Most times, you and they are right. It was a good idea and their positivity is well found. Sometimes though, even Pollyanna’s mood is off, you’ll see reluctance, hear hesitancy, watch people squirm. When that happens, think again.

Skippy strategy: Listen to the mood as well as the music.