November 27, 2020

Your website speaks


Is there an excuse for an ineffective, bland, insipid website? One that has no design merit, that says nothing interesting, that doesn’t differentiate the organisation from every other organisation in its field, and that doesn’t even make it clear what its field is.

What does it say about the people and their thinking? That they’re unique, have a highly impressive portfolio or product, that they’re in stealth mode, or that they haven’t prioritised the one thing that we’ve prioritised: working out who they are and what makes them special?

It’s easy to have a bad website, with poor or non-existent design, with stock images that make it look like every other website, populated with management-speak or puffery. It’s hard to be clear and concise and interesting and distinct.

Most of us like to work with organisations who are willing to do the hard stuff.

Skippy strategy: Your website is your window.