April 28, 2016

A full bucket


Some people always have plenty to do. They’re all busy-ness.

Because they never finish anything, or even really start. They poke things around, talk about them, revisit and revisit every decision and poke around some more. Their to-do list doesn’t grow because they’re too busy to take anything on – and everyone knows not to ask. Standing still, letting the waves go by.

Some people always have plenty to do. They’re all business.

They finish a job, then another. Always busy, always doing the best job they can, always making progress. And their bucket keeps filling as they add something else that needs some attention. They don’t say yes to everything, but when they do, everyone knows it’s in safe hands. Self motivating, hard grafting, industrious people who know how to get things done.

It’s obvious which one to hire. But who’s is on the team already?

Skippy strategy: Stop poking things around. Start making progress.