June 16, 2020

A good meeter

Sea wall

Let’s assume that you’re looking to fill a senior role in your team, and let’s assume for the moment that you’re lucky enough to have a couple of internal candidates who have all the attributes you’re looking for in the skills and experience columns and in every other way they’re an equal match. Finally, let’s assume it’s a senior role that involves management, (however that’s defined in your organisation).

How do you decide?

The person who runs the better meetings. The kind of meetings where decisions get made, where everyone speaks, where there are no sacred cows, where the smart questions are the stupid questions that no one’s afraid to ask.

The person who runs a good meeting, who gets the best out of the time and comes to coherent and cohesive conclusions that everyone buys into – that’s the one.

Skippy strategy: A good meeter is an indicator of a good manager.