September 17, 2017

A handrail


There are times when your people don’t do things the way you want. They struggle with the easiest things, overcomplicate the simplest, take twice as long with thrice the effort, miss the obvious connections, ignore the short cuts and fail to pick up the handy tool that’ll slice right through.

What does it mean?

They’re idiots or lack experience? They should get out of the way and let you do it? They’re a waste of space or just lack perspective? You haven’t taught them very well?

You tell me.

A bigger personal question … assuming they’re a keeper … how do you react and what does that say about you?

Do you spoon feed them, ridicule or patronise, let them get on with it, watch them learn, give corrective feedback, show them the path?

In short: do you make them feel bad or make them feel good?

Skippy strategy: A path, with a handrail.