August 24, 2018

A high-five


I guess it’s possible to celebrate too often. To whoop-de-doop about every trip to the coffee shop (although, by the way, Yay!), every time the clock strikes Friday, or the client says something nice.

Back here where the actual work gets done – where the project ships, the software gets locked after a three month sprint-marathon, the documentation is sorted, the prototype survives first contact, … 

It doesn’t have to be the deal of the century. Every chance you get to celebrate the end of any kind of decent body or work, for better or for worse, take the opportunity. Bring out the paper cups and pizza, roll out the band … and make a song and dance about getting things done.

And next time it comes to the final push, it won’t just be about the work, it will be about the feeling of being appreciated.

Skippy strategy: More than a high-five.