October 5, 2017

A lack


When you aren’t looking – a lot happens. All those good people you work with? They get on with their work. They push projects, develop processes, solve problems, look after customers, build products, communicate with each other, strategise, plan, deliver.

You get on with your stuff, they get on with theirs.

That’s what it means to have good people. They get on with things.

And that’s always how it works, unless something’s in the way. Or more normally, a lack of something. Like a resource – cash or people or equipment – or like authority to act, clarity about what needs doing or who will do it, lack of a decision or way of making a decision.

In which case, they don’t get on with things. They spin. They get frustrated. They look for somewhere else to apply their talents.

Your job: make sure they can do theirs.

Skippy strategy: Fill in the lacks.