July 31, 2021

A larger mess


You have a lot on and it’s tempting to think that the only thing that matters is hands on deck and plenty of ‘em. That with everyone so busy and with so much to do, you have no choice but to overlook the kind of issues you’d normally take seriously and just press everyone into the breach.

Not so fast.

Sure, many hands make lightening with the work, flashing down the to do list in a blaze. Except when one or two of those hands drag everyone down, making things heavy, veiling then in darkness and slowing them until they grind.

It’s not about the number of hands, it’s about their attitude, their ability to work together, to get the best from each other, to collaborate and keep nudging the flywheel in the same direction as all the others.

Skippy strategy: A smaller team works better than a larger mess.