July 12, 2018

A little coaching


Every one of us could benefit from a little coaching. A smarter way of doing this, another perspective on that situation, a mirror so you can see what the world sees, an alternative strategy or five to deal with an upcoming challenge. 

Guides help us navigate.

And as ever, what works for us works for our team. A little coaching goes a long way – not so much the negative feedback of annual reviews, but forward looking, progressive, mentoring, arm-around-the-shoulder, honest and progressive.

To be effective though, whoever’s getting coached has to be in a state to listen. That state? Open. Open to the feedback, open to alternative perspectives, open to suggestion.

The key predictor of all that openness is confidence – confidence that the coach is giving with good intentions, confidence that the coached can take the load.

Skippy strategy: Coaching is all about the future, don’t dwell on yesterdays.