December 30, 2015

A little local knowledge


What’s the quick way through the back streets? Where’s the best coffee?

Why do they do it that way? What are their standard terms and how can we vary them? How could we price this? What’s their business model? Why are they looking outside? How do we fix this? What’s the contracting process? Where is the roadblock?

It always possible to work things out from first principles. Your knowledge increases with every corner you turn, blind alley you explore or trap you fall into. Progress will be sweet as you take every step the hard way.

Or you could find a guide with little local knowledge. Someone who knows the terrain and understands the conditions. Who’s been there before and can show you around.

When it’s dark, or you need to go fast … ask, who knows the system?

Skippy Strategy: You don’t have to work everything out from scratch. Get help.