September 11, 2018

A place for dabblers


Every team needs a dilettante.

Someone who dabbles at things. Gets kinda-sorta interested, rolls the rock down the road a piece, turns around, follows a squirrel. Someone who takes things on, spins around, move them on and puts them down – all without direction or focus. Someone who says Yes without thinking about why a No is smarter for everyone concerned. Someone who’s idea of a job well done is that no one complains (at least within earshot). Someone with an inflated idea of their brilliance, that their presence alone is worth their involvement.

Oh. No. Scratch that.

It doesn’t matter how brilliant their intellect, how golden their connections, how fantastic they used to be. If you can’t rely on someone to do the things they’ve agreed to do, find someone else who will. Making allowances means mediocrity and misery.

Skippy strategy: There’s a place for dabblers, and it’s not in your team.