February 6, 2018

A shortfall


The third biggest reason people don’t do the job you want them to do … they don’t have the resources to pull it off.

This is where reality bites. Everyone agrees with the job that needs doing and their place in the plan, but the problem is … the plan doesn’t add up.

Delivering against a plan means – even if you’re major over-achievers with a prodigious work ethic – having a winning balance of enough time, the right kind of on-song people, and the assets (or the cash to supply them) that the people need to do the things they know they should do whilst creating routes around the inevitable road bumps.

If the balance is off, if the resource don’t add up to a winning formula, the project becomes slow or sticky or impossible.

You need … time, talent, cash … and the chops to deal with a shortfall.

Skippy strategy: Resource the plan