December 26, 2016

A skippy simmer


It’s tempting to be swayed by physics. To buy the notion that a little extra external stimulation (read: heat) will make the pot boil quicker.

That hiring and firing and promotions and soak testing and sales cycles and product development and territory expansion and growth plans and contract negotiations and technical evaluations and budget mapping and just every other thing will all go faster and faster as you add more and more heat.

That upping the temperature and building the pressure will push the clock speed to maximum and get you faster results. Quicker might be possible but isn’t always better, and sometimes, raising the pressure just makes things go bang.

All projects can run faster, but everything burns when the flame it too high.

For sustainable progress, keep things at a skippy simmer.

Skippy strategy: Push things along as fast as is good … and no more.