September 21, 2017

A squeeze job


There’s supposed to be a trade-off between risk and reward. It’s the natural order of things. Anyone who demands all the rewards without taking risk is asking too much. Anyone who accepts high risk without access to the rewards of the enterprise is doing themselves a disservice.

And so goes the calculus of compensation.

With salary and bonus and options and commissions and every imaginable cash-value incentive in the mix, the potential for negotiation and run-around is mobius. Some are happy with whatever you offer, some will negotiate the details, and some are cake-and-eat-it types.

Such is the context.

It’s good to negotiate when they know what they’re worth, what they want, and the value they offer. That’s the reason to engage.

But when it feels like a squeeze job … look for a better fit.

Skippy strategy: No one is worth the squeeze.