January 26, 2018

A window


There comes a point when you stop talking. Not that you don’t talk, of course you talk, you just don’t talk about the thing that really matter.

You do have the unavoidable talks about the day-to-day battles, and you fill the gaps with the he-said she-said and what-happened-last-night talks, and maybe sometimes you talk about the talks you need to have … just as a way to avoid the actual talk.

Stop filling gaps.

If there’s something that needs saying, and you can’t find the right moment … make the moment.

If you’re unsure about something, hate something, don’t understand something … but are afraid to say it … swallow hard and say it.

If you’re just too busy to have the important talks, if the day-to-day is just so every-second … set aside a day, offsite, no phones or email … and have the talk.

Skippy strategy: Open the window to have the talk.