March 10, 2018

About Mary


Let’s talk about Mary. About all the things that drive us crazy about her, the seventeen ways she’s letting us down and eighteen ways she’s failing to deliver on her responsibilities. About her lack of communications. About the way she manages, or fails to manage her staff. About all the little thing she does wrong wrong wrong.



Let’s not.

Let’s not moan about someone. Let’s not talk about a person.

Let’s talk to Mary herself.

Give her genuine feedback and work with her to find a way of improving the situation – for the benefit of all. Give her the opportunity to respond, to explain, to ask for the help she needs, to design and agree the action plan that delivers on her role.

Let’s work together rather than apart. Let’s help Mary manage her role by working with her, not by talking about her.

Skippy strategy: Give the support they need.