December 3, 2023

About not knowing


Yeah, yeah. Everyone talks about improving internal communications. They talk about it in management meetings and around the water cooler, the talk about not knowing what’s going on, about not getting the right kind of feedback, about not getting any kind of feedback, about having to tap into the grape vine, about Chinese whispers and picking their way through the rumour mill that fills the vacuum when there’s nothing coming from the top.

The problem … what works when there’s only three of you (overheard conversations) doesn’t work when there’s more.

Good communications is an active, everyday, leadership responsibility.

Weekly round-ups. Sitting on desks to chew the fat, sharing stories about what’s going on where. Connecting people who don’t know they’re at either end of the same thread. Breaking the silos. Eating together. Celebrating successes with the widest group.

Skippy strategy: To improve communications, get involved and improve the lines.