February 27, 2017



Not everyone wants to go faster. Some are happy with the way things are working right now. Not because they’re stupid or crazy, but because things working brilliantly as they are and why rock that particular oyster catcher.

But if they (you) do want to go faster … what can you do about it?

Technology helps, but it’s people that drive things along, so look to them to accelerate things down the track.

More or better people. Improved workflow – which means fewer distractions (inefficient systems) and workarounds (crazy systems) for processes (and people) that don’t work the way they could. Shed the dead weight, get the keepers moving together, a little quicker every cycle.

Technology helps. The universal accelerator (until it’s not).

Mix together, apply with smarts.

Skippy strategy: Hire well, ask good questions, fix things that could be better, get rid of things that hinder, apply smarts, get out of the way.