September 3, 2020

Accommodate them


Building a team involves bringing people into the team which involves the risk that they won’t work out. Not good for them and not good for you. Ultimately, there are two options open to you, keep them on and live with the inevitable disappointments whilst you do everything you can to find a way of using their talents in a more appropriate role or move them on.

Most of us go for option one. We give feedback, offer support, training, mentoring, move them around for a better fit, reorganise work and teams and schedules to accommodate them, we cajole, we encourage, we manage, we try. None of which is particularly fun on either side of the equation. And it might work.

Most times though, we’re still faced with the ultimate choice. 

Skippy strategy: If you’re trying too hard, you’re trying too hard. Make the ultimate choice so everyone can move on.