November 22, 2019

All the weirdness


None of us are the perfect showroom model. Assuming we’ve hung about the place long enough we’re clearly good enough at the job, fit for purpose. Assuming we’re human, that fit, that up-to-it-ness, that set of competences comes with the patina of experience and the life-won peculiarities that mean we are who we are.

In other words … we’re all a little bit weird.

Anyone coming into our world spends at least some of their time working out the weirdness and building a path for us through their own.

The reality: all the weirdness comes with upsides and downsides.

The calculus: does the upside outweigh the downside? Organisationally and personally?

That last question, notice the and.

If not the organisation, what are they doing here? If not the latter, what am I doing here?

Skippy strategy: When you’re considering fit, account for the upsides and downsides of weirdness.