January 7, 2024

All those pies

End 1

In all our busy-ness, in all our haste, in all our having all our fingers in all those pies, we sometimes leave our people wondering where they stand. When we leave them hanging, hanging … hanging … waiting for the shoe to drop, asking themselves if we’ve kept them out of a loop on purpose, if there’s an agenda, if they’re missing something

Without malice, without conspiracy – just because we’re rushed (or careless), just because our digits are plugged everywhere … we miss a beat, we make assumptions, we exclude someone who’d expect to be included – our effect is negative.

It’s our gift to confuse, frustrate, annoy and offend in ways we’re moving too fast to consider or notice.

Of course they should understand, get over it, be less dependent and deal with our vagaries anyway. And they will.

But everyone knows we make more progress when they don’t have to.

Skippy strategy: Never leave them hanging.