August 15, 2017

Always open


Did you ever say, My door is always open? The idea being the if anyone has anything to say or ask or talk about, ever, that you’ll be a willing listener. Not that you can promise resolution, obviously, but that you’ll make the time available and will do what you can. That, whether that door’s there or not, you’re all on the same team, working together, shoulder to shoulder, trusted colleagues.

It doesn’t work.

The whole my door is always open thing, emphasises the door, that it’s yours and that it can close. What’s more, you’re asking them to break with business as usual and take make the first move. You are passive.

The correct use of your door is for you to walk OUT through it.

You take the active part. You go to them. You ask how you can help.

Skippy strategy: Leadership happens outside of your office.