May 12, 2018

Always painful


As you get towards the deadline everything looms larger. All the elements of the deliverable are clear, the processes are coming together, the components are coming together and everything is good with the world.

Except it’s rarely quite like that.

Most times, the nearer to the end point the more you see the issues. Things you didn’t consider, or considered but minimised, or ignored, things you forgot to do or order or deal with. Worst of all, things you didn’t think through – and now, in the end game, they threaten to sink the project if you don’t thrash about trying to fix or paper over them in a final flourish.

Thrashing is inevitable in every project, it’s never pretty and always painful. Do it early. The later you leave it, the more it costs in time, attention and resources. 

Skippy strategy: There’s a time to thrash. It’s at the beginning.