January 23, 2019

An actual expert


Some knotty problems call out to be fathomed – and you’re the one to do it. You have the time and the intellectual capacity to work your way to the bottom of the thing, and then back out into the daylight. It’s the ability that got you in that chair.

Some problems though – the technical, the legal, the two-degrees of separation from your domain expertise – benefit from a little help … maybe from your friends, maybe from an actual expert. It’s not just about the addition of a some extra brain power – although that helps – it’s the specific knowledge and the specific skill sets that can make the difference between muddling through and burrowing all the way to the core.

Recognise the signs for when you need help. It’s taking too long, you don’t know where to start, there has to be a better way, the brick wall.

Skippy strategy: Call an expert.