April 7, 2024

And the next


Whether you’re growing, staying flat, or in any other state other than straight-out retreat … always be hiring.

That doesn’t mean keep making job offers.

It does mean get out there. Meet new people, expand your network, keep your website attractive and up to date. Make sure everything that’s on social media tells the story you want to promote, tell everyone you know to point interesting people in your direction, listen out for opportunities.

It means seeking out and being visible to the kind of people you want to hire next.

Because it’s a competitive market. Because it’s easier to find good people when you don’t absolutely need them, and need them now. Because it’s better to be prepared than behind the curve. Because a talent pipeline is as important as your commercial one.

Skippy strategy: Alway look out for the next, and the next, person you’d like to hire.