May 15, 2017

Another meeting


Spend any time in organisations and you spend time in meetings. Long ones, short ones, uncommunicative ones, charged ones, uncomfortable ones, boring ones, interesting ones, scary ones, sad ones, exciting ones. Of all the types, the most common are the boring ones.

So common is boredom, that it’s expected. And with the expectation, comes meeting reluctance.

Let’s champion another kind of meeting.

One where interesting and important things are shared and discussed. Where things happen. Where honest and meaningful exchanges are common. Where opinions are formed and decisions are made. Where participants, erm, participate. Where smart-phones are a distraction-irritation rather than a rescue-remedy. Where vulnerability and candour are standard and no one protects received positions. Where the room is pregnant with anticipation.

The way to make that happen?

Set up for success. Model the behaviour you expect.

Starter for ten: be honest.

Skippy strategy: Expect to give before you receive.