February 15, 2016

Anything he can do …


Anything he can do she can do better. Anything she can do he can do too.

No they can’t. No they can’t. No they can’t.

Teams in transition – whether growing or shrinking or just learning how to be a team at all – risk chasing each other down rabbit holes.

When it’s not clear who does what, with whom, and why … time gets wasted and confusion and frustration reign.

The cure?

A pen, a whiteboard, an honest conversation.

Who is responsible? Who does what? Who is the main contact for Customer A or Supplier B? Who needs to be in which loops? Who’s on point for Project Y? Who’s in support? Who is catching the ball? Who makes the decision?

The problem starts the moment something changes. The problems stops the moment the dynamics catch up.

Skippy Strategy: If it feels like there’s too much thrashing around, there probably is. Talk it out.