September 12, 2020

Around the houses


When we know we need someone to add strength to the team, and we meet someone who feels like they fit the bill, it’s compelling to trust our gut and rush in. It’s worked before, our instincts proved to be good and we made great hires. Look in the mirror now … we weren’t always right though, we’ve made mistakes, in fit and function, people who weren’t who they appeared to be, didn’t have the skills they claimed they had. Nobody bats 100.

Take an extra beat. Get them to meet more people from your existing team. Make sure they can tell the depth behind every story. Stand them in front of a white board and ask them to explain what they’re talking about. Look at actual examples of their actual work.

And then go with your gut.

Skippy strategy: When hiring, go around the houses before going with your gut.