June 23, 2019

As the sponsor

Ice cream

As the sponsor of the project you have two choices about the role you’ll play. Option 1 is to be actively involved in the process, Option 2 is to stay clear of the day-to-day and only join up at strategic points – like the beginning, the updates, and the end.

Your primary role in Option 1 is as project manager and maybe as subject matter expert. You take responsibility for organising and orchestrating, adding your specialist ninja skills along the way, and for delivering against the original commitments and outcomes.

Option 2 is initially about picking the project manger and making sure things are kicked off in the right direction. After that, the primary responsibility is support and encouragement (note: not second guessing and undermining).

The thing is … Option 2 is mandatory.

You might play Option 1, you definitely play Option 2.

Skippy strategy: Sponsorship means support and encouragement (read: ice cream).