January 18, 2017

At the curb


So the theory goes that first you get the right people on the bus, then everyone finds their seat (the right seat) as you stick it in drive and get on your way.

Good theory.

Thing is, on the journey, everything changes. The vehicle, destination, the route, the jobs, the people.

And it’s possible, likely, that there will be people who no longer fit their seat. Maybe they changed, maybe the seat.

What to do?

Force them back? Find them another? Build one just for them? Let them build their own? Drop them off?

Maybe. Yes. No. No. Yes.

If the job still needs doing – someone has to do it. Could be them.

If there’s something they’re better for, good stuff.

If there’s no fit, accept it and let them out at the curb.

Everything else, fat compromise.

Skippy strategy: What does the journey need? Get that.