January 11, 2021

Away from the cookie cutter


I suppose, it’s possible, you might just need someone out of the cookie cutter. Exactly like someone else you have or had around to do the same job in exactly the same way. Maybe, a production line, fast food, if you’ve been blessed with perfection. Another one just like this one please.

Most times though, almost every time though, every time in almost every career though, what you need are shared values, a shared work ethic, and skills that cover the majority of what’s inside the line. What you also need is variety, alternative experiences, a different view point, a broader base, a narrower one, outside influences, internal dynamics, unique creativity.

Teams, effective teams, team that solve problems and build new things, teams that deliver are built with variety, difference, peculiar, individuality.

Skippy strategy: Start with values, work ethic and skills. For everything else, look away from the cookie cutter.