May 12, 2017

Barbs flying


You can push yourself hard. Go beyond. Sacrifice the softer things in life for the hard won rewards of a hard job done the hard way. And those around you take note, and some of them push themselves beyond too.

Push too far … wind things up too tight … and cracks will open. Maybe in you, maybe in them.

Look for the signs.

Unexplained anger. Barbs flying around. A hair-trigger. Uncommunicative. Belligerence. Things slowing down. Inability to make timely decisions. Defensive protests. Prickliness. Molehills becoming mountains. Behaviours of any kind that are way off beam.

The big deal is to notice when it happens.

Don’t ignore it, try to push through or double down.

Deal with the symptom, absolutely, and make sure you respect the cause and find a way to deal with the real issue. If there’s a next time, it’s on you.

Skippy strategy: Respect the cause and deal with the issue.