August 7, 2016

Base training


You wouldn’t enter the race without the training. You wouldn’t jump out of a plane without the equipment. You wouldn’t enter the fray without support.

So you put the foundations in place, without fanfare, when no one’s paying attention, in the dark, months before. You practice, with consistency and repetition, until things can’t go wrong. It takes hard work, good attitude and commitment to the cause.

It’s the base training that creates the conditions that allow good things to happen when they’re needed.

As with systems, processes and assets, so with people, teamwork and trust.

Base training creates confidence. The who and the how or working together. Standing on strengths and dealing with weaknesses. Knowing how to get the most from each other.

The more you train, the better the result: healthier debates, better decisions, faster progress.

Skippy strategy: Put the time in to teamwork when you don’t need it so it’s there when you do.