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Is this the best use of their time?

There’s always a bunch of jobs getting done by people who have far better and more productive things to do. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe they use the little jobs to interact with others, to take a break from the real work, to feel like they’re contributing – you know, behaving as decent people do.

But maybe they’re doing it – as decent people do – because there’s no one else who can or will.

When they’d far rather be getting on with the real work, the work where their leverage is greatest, the work they’re here to do.

Now they’re stuck with the cleaning, managing the project, handling the mail, writing recruitment ads, or any other job that’s outside everyone’s wheelhouse … because their decency has sucked them in (and down).

Skippy strategy: Notice and appreciate mucking in. Hire a specialist as soon as you can.