August 17, 2020

Before you work with us


Bringing new people into the team is always a risk. Always. Maybe they’re not the perfectly packaged smorgasbord of skills and experience that you imagined, maybe they won’t fit in as well as you hoped, maybe they’re hiding a character trait and a work ethic that makes a better prospect than you dreamed. Maybe.

They’re taking a risk too. Career risk. Especially when they’re leaving somewhere they know and feel secure or have choices about which way to go.

The answer? Work with us before you work with us.

Find a way to do meaningful work together in as risk free an environment as possible. A bolt-on short-term project that will let both sides of the handshake see how the other side rolls. A project that makes a difference, that’s meaningful, but that doesn’t put dependencies at risk. And then pay attention.

Skippy strategy: Work with us before you work with us.