May 30, 2021

Billiard balls


Some people love feedback. They’re a sponge. They do what they do, they’re interested in how well it works, any new arrows they can add and the perceptions and advice of those around them. They add what they know to what they’re told and they triangulate to a better, smarter, faster place. They’re the kind of people we want to be and the kind we want to be around.

Some people don’t. They’re billiard balls. They do what they do and aren’t interested in anyone’s opinion. Maybe they read a book, maybe they don’t. Maybe they reflect on what they read and see and hear, maybe they don’t. They add the value they add and it’s up to everyone else to deal with their impact. They’re the kind of people you expect to be experts, not team players.

Skippy strategy: Effective teams are made of sponges who like feedback.