October 20, 2020

Both types


There’s what I’m working on and then there’s what we’re working on. 

What I’m working on are the tasks. The code, the numbers, the documents, the conversations, the relationships, the actual stuff I’m doing. It contributes to the whole, but is not the bigger picture.

What we’re working on is the bigger picture. The lumpy stuff, the stuff that takes us from what we do today to what we want to do tomorrow, the stuff that defines our success or otherwise as a team.

Now the question … what do I care about? Am I head down, doing my thing as best I can, or, head up, doing our thing? Will I prioritise my own stuff or will I put it down (and put myself out) to contribute to greater objectives.

You probably need both types of people – but only one of them fits in a team.

Skippy strategy: Teams need team players.