August 26, 2016

Bounce, bounce


You bounce – from north, to south, to north-west, to north-east, to west, to south-east …

Is anyone keeping up? Does anyone want to?

Starting new things it’s likely that you don’t know all the answers, the newer the thing, the less is known.

So you learn, bounce, in real time, bounce, and react along the way, bounce.

A huge and hugely important job – no doubt. Demands attention – absolutely. The route to the answer – bet on it. The most important thing you do – half of the time.

The other half … keeping your team with you.

Fail at that – don’t give it enough attention – and all that learning and hustling goes to waste. Either they’ll leave frustrated, or be stuck, disoriented, trying to work out which way to turn and what to do next.

Bounce if you have to, but bring your team with you.

Skippy strategy: The why, then together, what it means to them.