February 5, 2016



If you’re lucky, incredibly lucky, or just plain lucky, you’ve never had a people problem. When you have, thankfully, most of the time they sort themselves out, maybe with a word in an ear.

Occasionally though, they don’t. And you have to make choices.

Deal with it, or let it slide?

Sometimes, eventually, you have no choice.

And when you have no choice, you’ll wish you’d started earlier. And then you’ll wish you had something in writing. And then you’ll wish you hadn’t let it slide.

So whether you deal with it now, or let it slide ’til later, start leaving breadcrumbs – that word in an ear, follow up with an email. Follow that with a meeting. Follow that with a review.

When someone’s amazing, leave more breadcrumbs. In fact, leave them everywhere. In fact, have meetings and write things down. In fact, commit, follow up, accountability. And before you know it, no people problems.

Skippy Strategy: Start leaving breadcrumbs.