September 8, 2016

Breaking in


Bringing new people into the team is easy.

You give them a line to sign, they do it.

Ta da! They’re in.

Except, they’re not.

They’re in the building, they’re involved WITH the team, but they’re a long way from being IN it. For that, each side has to develop trust. It’s slow at best – and unnatural if you don’t actively push the agenda.

Pull them in to meetings. Push information to them. Ask their opinions. Give genuine consideration to their answers. Listen to their insights. Deal with their concerns. Clear their roadblocks. Weave them into the idea machine. Support them. Walk with them.

Or … cut them out, leave them in the cold, starve them of access. Sink or swim? That’ll work. Right?

Even the best people find it hard to break in to established teams.

Beat their drum.

Skippy strategy: Show your trust, show they’re welcome.