October 29, 2016

Breaking the circle


High performing teams have a rhythm. The more established the players, the easier the beat. They know how to get along, how to get things done, and how to keep strong bonds when things go wrong. It’s built on trust, and made from experience.

What happens when someone new joins in, an extra player with no shared story?

Life can be tough.

For existing members – the rhythm is disrupted as they have to stop, and explain, and repeat. Everything takes longer as the once-easy communication shorthand has to be unpicked and misunderstandings are a sure thing.

For the newbie – breaking into the circle is difficult. However necessary, however welcome, new players are interlopers. They change how things are done, and they feel the burden.

If they fail to penetrate, they’ll bounce away.

And a new player will have to start again.

Skippy strategy: Make room, stay close, cut in where necessary.