December 8, 2016

Cabin cross-check


When things are important – like the doors being shut for take off – it’s worth double checking that everyone’s on the same page. That little “cabin cross-check” does the job and takes maybe two second. No one gets angsty, no one feels like their job is threatened or they’re not trusted. It’s just a thing they do because it’s important and … why wouldn’t they?

Why don’t you?

Add a checklist to the process so everyone (everyone) knows (knows for sure) that the thing is being done the way it should. Take the extra minutes at the end of the meeting to make sure actions are trapped and assigned. Take another minute to agree the what and the how and the who of communications. A final look in the box as it’s leaving the warehouse.

Little things: the way we do things around here that define the difference.

Skippy strategy:  Cross-check.