August 8, 2017

Calculus of hiring


Hiring new staff, you can guess what’s important to them. The elephant is the money. After that, hmmm, benefits with a cash value like health and pension and memberships. All the monetary things. They’re easy to quantify, easy to talk about and easy to list on your guessed pro’s and con’s evaluation. They’ll certainly make a difference. They might even make the biggest difference.

But if your list stops there, guess again.

In fact, stop guessing. Every person has a personal calculus of hiring. So ask. Ask them what’s important in making their decision. You’ll hear about money stuff, sure, then location and challenge and bad management and ambition and freedom and agency and responsibility and mentoring and …

If you’re listening, you can stop guessing.

You’ll know more about the match, can deal with the doubts, and have a better chance of finding a fit.

Skippy strategy: Stop guessing.