April 24, 2021

Change people


There are always people you want more from. People on your team who have the talents (or, at least you think they do) but who never seem to bring it (or, at least not consistently, or when you need it, not when the chips are bouncing around your ankles) and that disappoint or irritate the people around them.

You have some choices. Choice one, the obvious one, is to do what you can to bring them around. Coach them, cajole them, incentivise them, work with them, mentor them, tear them out, push them and push them and push them up that hill. And you might win the battle. Maybe.

Another common choice, listen to them, support them, build around them, make allowances for them, let them slide. A controlled stalemate.

What you’ll learn: in reality, the choice is theirs.

Skippy strategy: You can’t change people who don’t want to change.