October 13, 2019

Changes you need


The team you have is the team you needed yesterday. Whether you planned it this way or it evolved over time, the make up of the group around you is built on the model that made sense at the time it was built.

It’s possible that the team you need tomorrow is the same as you needed yesterday. Let’s say that most days and most months or quarters that’s true.

But someday, and probably someday soon, the current formula will be out of step with requirements. You’ll iterate, polish at the edges, make do, fill in a gap here or there, retrain, adjust, and probably, wait for turnover. Most likely, the team will swell – you’ll carry some people who are less effective and hire new people to add the skills you’re missing.

Or, when you know you need to make a change, make it.

Skippy strategy: Make the changes you need.