It can happen to anyone.

A working relationship – with someone you know, like and trust – becomes … not dysfunctional exactly … just less than functional. And certainly less functional than you’d like.

Somehow, you’ve drifted into an operating mode that’s built more on friendship, grace and favour than on clear roles and responsibilities. Nobody inside the relationship or adjacent to it knows quite where they stand. It’s a mess that’s a recipe for discomfort, friction and chafing.

It may not happen … but it probably will. And if it does, everyone gets sore.

When you recognise the situation, the first job is to accept it’s a problem, then resolve to deal with it.

The rewards – clearer structure, better teamwork, faster progress – come at the risk of total breakdown.

Is it worth the risk?


Skippy strategy: Treat a non-functional relationship like a new relationship – set the boundaries.

Part 2 tomorrow.