Changing relationships inside the team is one part logical and three parts emotional.

First the easy bit: name the problem.

Offsite, one-to-one, non-confrontationally, open the conversation. We’re off track, there’s an imbalance that affecting everyone around us and progress in the team, I got this wrong, I got that wrong, what I see happening is this. Factual, unemotional, probing for understanding and agreement or otherwise. Like standing side-by-side at the fire, talking about what you see in the flames. Observational.

There’s strong odds they’ll see it slightly differently but pretty much the same.

And if they see it, if they’ve felt the chafing, there’s stronger odds they’re excited about a new way forward.

So here’s the logic: find that new way.

Agree a clear role and even clearer operating method. Your job, my job, reporting lines, we interact like this.

Skippy strategy: Name the problem, define the solution.

Part 3 tomorrow.